Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcon

The Peregrine Falcon is one of the best hunters.

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The peregrine falcon is perhaps the best hunter of the falcon family. It hunts in wild uplands and rocky coasts, scanning the landscape for prey with its exceptional eyesight.

Their eyes are larger and heavier than human eyes and they can spot prey on the ground from a great height of 300m.

Soaring through the sky on broad, pointed wings, the streamlined peregrine falcon is a most impressive sight as it hunts down small birds. The force and impact of its breathtaking 'stoop' – a sheer, high-speed dive – is often enough to kill a victim outright while still in mid-air.

The peregrine's courtship involves the male passing food to the female, often when in flight. To make this maneuver possible, the female will roll over when flying to take the offered food from his talons.

Peregrine falcon chicks mature quickly. They have tremendous appetites and double their weight in just around 6 days. At three weeks of age, they are already around 10 times their size at birth.

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