Dessert Stomach

Dessert Stomach

Dessert Stomach is a scientifically proven term. The stomach expands upon contact with sugar, making room for dessert even when you are already feeling full.

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For many of us, it is an all-too-familiar sensation: feeling fit to burst after a big meal but somehow finding room for dessert.

For those struggling to shift the pounds, there is at least some solace: it's not just greed, it's the way we have been hardwired.

In fact, 'dessert stomach' is a scientific fact, and it's all because of something called sensory-specific satiety.

Put simply, it means that the more you eat something, the less you like it, which gives you the impression that you are full. You are, however, only sated with that particular taste, texture, or flavor.

'The decline in pleasure you derive from food is specific to the food you have been eating, or other foods that are similar,' says Barbara Rolls, a professor of nutritional sciences at Penn State University in the U.S., who has been researching this area for 40 years.

'So, while you might lose your appetite for that food, different food will still be appealing. That's why you always have room for dessert.'

Professor Rolls has shown that food doesn't just become less tasty as a meal progresses; it also looks, smells, and feels less appealing. This encourages us to try something different.

The theory is that sensory-specific satiety evolved to keep us healthy. Limiting our appetite for one food and encouraging us to switch to another boosts the odds that we will get all the nutrients we need.

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