Men and Shopping

Men and Shopping

Researches showed that men get bored after just 26 minutes of shopping with their partners.

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Men get bored after just 26 minutes of shopping, and it's most mind-numbing when you're still pursuing the racks long after they've finished or they're hungry. Researchers found men are generally ready to head home within half an hour of following their other-half-round stores in crammed shopping centers. And more than one in four admit getting so fed-up that simply go home alone.

Circumstances that lead to men becoming mind-numbingly bored include their partner taking ages to decide or find what they want or constantly asking for their opinions, busy shops, nice weather, or a sports game on TV.

A wife or girlfriend who takes too long to make a decision, or find what they want, is most likely to result in a fed-up guy, along with being dragged from shop to shop when they got what they wanted in the first one.

Being hungry or thirsty, busy stores, and missing a television show or sports game also see men reaching boiling point when shopping.

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