Sheep Art

Sheep Art

An Australian sheepherder couldn’t attend his aunt’s funeral, so he made her a huge heart out of hundreds of sheep and captured it all from above-using drone footage

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A sheep farmer in Australia found an artistic way to share his feelings after his aunt died by creating a huge heart featuring hundreds of pregnant ewes. Ben Jackson of New South Wales used a drone to video the scene so it could be played at her funeral in Brisbane, which the sheep farmer could not attend because of a Covid-19 lockdown.

Jackson had planned to attend his Auntie Debby’s funeral in Queensland, about 250 miles away, a few days ago. However, the border between the neighboring states was closed to restrict travel because of a coronavirus outbreak.

Frustrated by this turn of events, Jackson decided to show his sorrow through “sheep art,” a technique he has been experimenting with on his farm in Gurya, New South Wales. A few years ago, he started spelling the names of his favorite bands using grain dropped from the back of a truck, reports Rod McGuirk of the Associated Press (AP).

After spreading the feed, the farmer opened the gate to the large pasture and allowed scores of hungry, mostly pregnant ewes to enter and begin munching away. He captured heart-shaped scene on video, which was later posted on social media. He included her favorite song Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” for a soundtrack.

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