Jean-Pierre Adams

Jean-Pierre Adams

Ex-PSG player Jean-Pierre Adams has been in a coma for 39 years after receiving an almost lethally wrong dose of anesthetic for his knee surgery, in 1982.

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Adams was born and raised in Dakar until the age of 10 when he left his native Senegal on a pilgrimage to Montargis in the Loiret department alongside his grandmother, who was a devout Catholic. When they arrived, she enlisted him at a local Catholic school, Saint-Louis de Montargis. He was adopted by a French couple shortly after his arrival in the country.

During his studies, Adams worked at a local rubber manufacturer and he started playing football at several local clubs in the Loiret area.

Adams and his wife Bernadette were married in April 1969 and had two sons, Laurent (born 1969) and Frédéric (1976). Following a ligament rupture injury, he was hospitalized for surgery on 17 March 1982 at the Édouard Herriot Hospital in Lyon. After an error made by his anesthesiologist, he suffered bronchospasm which starved his brain of oxygen and he slipped into a coma.

In the mid-1990s, when a court of law adjudicated the case, both the anesthetist and trainee were given one-month suspended sentences and fines that translated to an $815 fine. His wife continued to tend to his needs, refusing to consider euthanasia.

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