The Frozen Forest

The Frozen Forest

The northern part of Finland is mostly covered by the Boreal forest. This forest freezes for about six months of the year.

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The Northern part of Finland is mostly covered by the Boreal forest, the largest territorial biome in the world. This forest freezes for about 6 months of the year, and when it does, it’s absolutely divine.

The forest trees actually freeze. The woodland is saturated with what could only be decried as large ice sculpture-looking trees. The long towering pieces of ice, plastered against the backdrop of blankets of white, make for perfect aesthetics. The forest looks and feels alive as you walk through. The hauntingly beautiful sight is breathtaking, to say the least. All shrubs, rocks, and trees become enveloped in pure white. The temperatures drop between -15 to -40 degrees Celsius.

The figures of snow have passed as all sorts of things to viewers. Sometimes, they look like a plethora of snowmen scattered all over the forest. Other times they look like people or ice sculptures. The eerie, yet dazzling sight is unique to Finland forests.
When the trees freeze, they turn into different shapes and sizes. The first become lively in the day, where the short span of sun time, makes the snow glisten. The plethora of tree shapes allow for a forest full of long, wide, tall, upside down, curly, and circular shapes.

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