Wearable AC

Wearable AC

Sony has launched a wearable air conditioner that you can wear under your shirt to keep you cool or warm.

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Sony introduced its first-ever wearable Air Conditioner in 2020 by the name of Reon Pocket. The company has now launched the successor to the one-of-a-kind wearable device and is calling it the Reon Pocket 2.

The Reon Pocket 2 comes in the same design as its predecessor but Sony says that the cooling capabilities of the new model have been enhanced. Thanks to a new internal design, the Reon Pocket 2 is able to absorb twice the level of heat as the outgoing model.

In addition, Sony says that the Reon Pocket 2 comes with improved sweat-proofing, making it more suitable for exercise. This is a big plus on the new variant, as it marks a substantial shift for the product from its earlier version which was only meant to keep you cool in your daily commutes during summer.

Sony has now focused on expanding the use-case for the device. Instead of marketing the new Reon Pocket to people in general, the company is branding it for specific uses. A good example is a range of golf clothing that sportswear brands like Le Coq Sportif, Munsingwear, and Descente are producing as part of their partnership with Sony for the product.

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