Real-Life Mowgli

Real-Life Mowgli

In 1872, Dina Sanichar was discovered by a group of hunters in Uttar Pradesh. The boy was walking on all fours and was following a pack of wolves.

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Dina Sanichar was raised by wolves in India's Uttar Pradesh jungle until hunters found him in 1867 and brought him to an orphanage. He would later serve as Rudyard Kipling's inspiration for the character of Mowgli.

There, missionaries tried to teach him all the things he never learned, starting with the basics: walking and talking. However, the gulf between human behavior and animal instinct proved too wide for Dina Sanichar to overcome. The story of the real-life Mowgli didn’t end the way the Disney version did.

During his stay at the Sikandra Mission Orphanage, Sanichar was given a second name: “Wolf Boy.” The missionaries thought it suited him because they believed he was raised by wild animals and had never experienced human contact in his life.

According to their accounts, Sanichar’s behavior resembled that of an animal more than it did a human’s. He walked around on all fours and had difficulty standing on his own two feet. He only ate raw meat and gnawed on bones to sharpen his teeth.

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