Cans of Fresh Air

Cans of Fresh Air

A Chinese billionaire Chen Guangbiao once sold cans of fresh air with flavors like "pristine Tibet" for five yuan (about 80 cents).

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In response to the growing concern over China's air pollution, a theatrical Chinese entrepreneur was selling cans of fresh air. Chen Guangbiao, a multimillionaire, philanthropist, and environmentalist, was selling each can for 5 yuan (80 cents) according to the Brisbane Times. Chen wasn't trying to make a profit off the stunt; his estimated net worth was $740 million.

There were different air varieties including pristine Tibet, post-industrial Taiwan, and Yan'an (the early era of Communism). The air was collected and compressed from "revolutionary regions" from Jinggang Mountain in Jiangxi Province to some ethnic minority areas and Taiwan, according to China's Global Times.

Chen encouraged people to inhale from the can or even drink it.
He's using the cans — similar in style to typical soda cans — to highlight the dangerous conditions of air pollution in the country.

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