Marry Me

Marry Me

A Japanese man traveled 7163,7 km to create a GPS drawing to propose to his girlfriend. He made the world's largest GPS drawing for his marriage proposal!

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When it comes to a wedding proposal, we always look towards movies for their grand inspirations. Some shut Tiffany stores down, while others use a plane to draw Marry Me in the sky. But an artist from Tokyo has dethroned every proposal idea ever and emerged a victorious man in the game of love.

Yasushi ‘Yassan’ Takahashi proposed to his girlfriend using Google Earth and ended up making his way into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Yassan realized that his girlfriend Natsuki was The One. His mission to a grand proposal was written in their fate when he used GPS art to write a ‘Marry Me’ over a map. The 31-year-old worked on a digital drawing for over 10 years, popped the question across the map of Japan.

For those who are new to the term, GPS art, it allows users to create digital drawings using Google Earth. A person is required to travel along a pre-determined route with a GPS device. Then when the route is uploaded on the app, an artwork takes shape.

Of course, it was a tough task to take on which required a lot of planning. He had to quit his job and travel for 6 months over almost 7,000kms from Hokkaido to the coasts of Kagoshima. Finally, he got what he wanted.

Google shared his remarkable journey on Twitter and since then, his love story is all that anyone’s talking about. His ‘love’ expedition has gained popularity across social media platforms which have left everyone swooning in a trance.

Natsuki said yes to this dream proposal. She was astonished when she realized what Yassan had done. “She felt all the love in the world,” she quoted.

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