Interesting Divorce

Interesting Divorce

In 2007, A Bosnian couple divorced after discovering both had an online affair with each other under fake names.

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A Bosnian couple has filed for divorce after discovering both having an online affair with each other under fake names. Both felt they found a soul mate at last until they met in person.

Sana Klaric, 27, and Adnan, 32 from Zenica, Bosnia, had marital troubles, so they were secretly chatting and having an affair online.

In an online chat forum, both husband and wife found each other unknowingly under assumed fake names (Sweetie and Prince of Joy) and both poured their hearts out about their marital problems.

With time both realized they were perfect for each other and wanted to meet finally in person. But when they met in person, it wasn’t a happy ending, each accusing the other of unfaithful and filed for divorce.

Sana said when they were chatting she realized how alike their marriages were both in trouble. And one day they decided to meet in person and have a rose with them to identify themselves, but when she saw Adnan carrying that rose, she felt betrayed and angry.

Adnan realized after chatting that he finally met an ideal woman only to find it was the same person he was married to.

Just like the virtual world, they could have responded the same to each other in real life. They could have worked it out instead they have to start all over again. They better try a different forum and not meet again the next time.

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