Water Deer

Water Deer

The water deer have developed long canine teeth that this animal is often referred to as a "vampire deer".

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Despite its name, Chinese water deer are found across Europe and possess remarkable survival tactics that allow them to thrive in varied climates.

When you look closely at the Chinese water or “vampire” deer, it is obvious that they are different from any other type of deer you’ve seen. The most noticeable aspect of its appearance is the two robust tusks that protrude from the edges of the Chinese water deer’s mouth followed by a relatively adorable set of teddy bear-like ears.

These unusual “fangs” have earned the water deer the nickname “vampire deer” and when combined with the soft round ears, give the deer’s otherwise cuddly appearance a goofy and somewhat intimidating look. Aside from their prominent tusks, the Chinese water deer appears harmless. But just like any other natural defense, its protruding tusks can cause serious damage against threats and other animals.

Originating from East Asia, the bite-size species remains below two feet tall when full-grown and can be observed all over the world as an exotic zoo attraction though the Chinese water deer is more than just a sight to see.

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