Brooklyn Supreme

Brooklyn Supreme

Brooklyn Supreme was a red roan Belgian stallion noted for his extreme size. He stood 19.2 hands (198 cm) tall and weighed 3,200 lb (1,451 kg).

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Throughout history, horses have changed and come a long way to develop into the big and powerful animals they are today. The better we learned to breed them, the more variety in their size and traits we got. Many breeds were developed for all kinds of purposes and have been used for centuries to help humans achieve all kinds of works.

Especially Belgian Draft horses, who are prepared to do heavy work like pulling plows and carriages. They stand behind the logging industry before motorized equipment took over and stand out from all the horse breeds by their tall stature and notably muscular build. One of them, named Brooklyn “Brookie” Supreme, was considered to be the biggest horse in the world.

He was born on April 12, 1928, and lived until September 6, 1948. During these years, this red roan Belgian stallion was noted by all the people for his monstrous size. Although there are a lot of debates going on about the identity of the horse who holds the title as the world’s largest horse, Brooklyn may be the world record holder for the largest (but not tallest) horse and was distributed as the world’s heaviest horse.

He stood 19.2 hands tall and weighed 3,200 lb with a girth of 10 ft 2 in. His horseshoes lacked 30 in of iron. He was presented by Earle Brown and was foaled in the town of Minneapolis. Despite his big figure, all the people who had the chance to see him in person declare that he was very gentle and kind.

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