When dragonflies mate, their tails take a lovely heart shape.

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Dragonfly and damselfly sex is a very conspicuous event, easily recognized by the heart-shaped "wheel" formation of mating pairs.
To mate, the male first grabs a female by the back of her neck with claspers at the end of his abdomen these structures fit into species-specific grooves in the female.

From here, the pair can fly around together in tandem. If the female is sexually receptive, she will lift her abdomen to bring her "vagina" in contact with his "penis," allowing the male to transfer his sperm.

In some species, the pair will remain in this wheel position for only a minute. Others, however, may stay in a formation for several hours, while the male tries to use spoonlike structures on his penis to scoop out any sperm from other males the female may already have in her.

After copulation, the male may immediately release his mate and fly away, or he may follow her around to guard her against other males while she lays her eggs in water. In some species, the pair will stay in tandem during the whole egg-laying process.

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