Crovie Village

Crovie Village

There is a tiny fishing village in Crovie, Scotland that consisting of little more than a single row of whitewashed stone cottages tucked between a cliff and the sea.

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Crovie is built on a remarkably narrow ledge between the base of the cliffs forming the east side of Gamrie Bay and the sea. It sits looking across the bay to the rather larger and more securely located village of Gardenstown.

Crovie is unique. There may be other villages where the use of motor vehicles is discouraged. But as far as we know there's nowhere else in mainland Britain where it is simply impossible to use one. The shelf on which the village is perched is so narrow it only has room for a row of cottages and the footpath in front of them. Only a few feet from the cottages is the drop to the rocky foreshore and the sea.

Residents leave their cars at the south end of the village and walk. Visitors are strongly encouraged not to drive down to the village itself. There are a car park and a viewpoint on the cliffs above, complete with an attractive wooden sculpture of a woman. However, it is a fair walk from there down to and (especially) back up from the village. A better bet is the car park just above the final hairpin bend descending to the shore. From here steps and a path leading to the harbor area in the center of Crovie.

Crovie itself was established by families cleared from inland estates in the late eighteenth century. Having been moved off their land to make way for their landlord's sheep, they then had the pleasure of operating fishing boats owned by the landlord, largely for his benefit and entirely at their risk. By the mid-nineteenth century, some fishermen had built their own boats, and by the end of the century, some fifty such owner-operated boats sailed from Crovie.

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