Tornado Capital Of The World

Tornado Capital Of The World

More tornadoes occur in the United Kingdom per square mile than any other country in the world.

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It may be known as a green and pleasant land but England is also a hotspot for tornadoes, a study found. There are more twisters per square mile in England than in any other country. And they are most common between Reading and London, with the Thames Valley our very own Tornado Alley.

Scientists have studied the most vulnerable tornado locations in Britain. London to Reading was found to have a 6% chance of a tornado. Next was Bristol to Birmingham, followed by Northeast London to Ipswich. The UK has more tornadoes per area than any other country.

On average England is hit by about 34 tornadoes a year – which works out at 2.2 per 10,000km sq. While they may be more commonly associated with the US, in films such as Twister or sweeping Dorothy from Kansas in The Wizard Of Oz, the large size of America means that its average number of tornadoes is just 1.3 per 10,000km sq each year.

Tornadoes usually last for a few hours and measure roughly a quarter of a mile across. They are caused by warm air and cold air colliding during storms.

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