Water Recycling in Israel

Water Recycling in Israel

Israel recycles 90% of the wastewater it creates, making it the leading nation in the world for water recycling as of date 2020.

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Roughly 90 percent of the wastewater generated in Israel is reused, making it the leading nation in water recycling, according to an article. It cited a report from Israel’s water authority.

Although the precise amount varies, the nation is clearly the leader in water reuse. Spain recycles 20 percent of its wastewater, making it the second largest nation for water reuse. The U.S. currently is recycling only 1 percent of its wastewater.

Through water conservation and reuse, Israel has been able not only to survive drought and periods of water scarcity but it has also been able to thrive and use reclaimed water as a fulcrum for creating new businesses and economic opportunities.

The water treated for reuse in Israel is predominantly used for agricultural irrigation. Roughly 10 percent is used for environmental purposes, such as increasing river flow volume, and for fire suppression. Only 5 percent is discharged into the sea.

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