Stickers on The Cars

Stickers on The Cars

In Japan, there are different stickers on the cars to identify the driving capabilities and experience of a car's driver. These stickers help drivers to be more patient when driving around such cars.

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a. Wakaba/Shoshinsha Mark - Beginner's sticker

When you first obtain a driver's license, you are required to place this mark on both the front and backside of your vehicle for one year. It's called the wakaba - green leaf or shoshinsha - beginner mark in Japanese.

Even if you have a scooter, you need to put the sticker on it if you're a beginner.

b. Koreisha/Momiji/Yotsuba Mark - Senior Driver Sticker

It is recommended that drivers over the age of 70 or older should attach this sticker, but anyone over age 75 is required to attach this sticker to their vehicle. The tear-drop shaped version is called the Momiji - or "Autumn leaves" in Japanese and was instituted in 1997. In 2011, the Yotsuba - four-leaf clover version was introduced to replace the previous Momiji sticker.

c. Choukaku Shougai Mark - Hearing Impaired Driver Sticker

Hearing-impaired drivers should attach this sticker to their vehicles. It is called a choukaku shougai - hearing impaired mark in Japanese.

d. Shintai Shougai Mark - Handicapped Driver Sticker

Handicapped drivers should attach this sticker to their vehicles. It is called the shintai shougai - physical impairment mark in Japanese.

Other Driving Mark

The above stickers are legally required to be attached to the vehicles belonging to drivers that meet the specified conditions at all times. In addition to these, below is an example of other stickers or marks you may see on vehicles while driving around Tokyo.

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