The Fastest Police Car

The Fastest Police Car

Dubai has the world's fastest police car (certified by Guinness World Records).

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With a top speed of 407km, 1,000-horsepower, and 16-cylinder engine, Dubai police's Bugatti Veyron now holds the Guinness World Record for "fastest police car in service".

The car was acquired by Dubai police in April 2016 for US$1.6 million, according to Guinness World Records.

But it is just one of many other exotic cars in the Dubai police fleet, which also boasts an Aston Martin One-77, Lamborghini Aventador, and Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid, according to Gulf News.

These cars allow the city's police force to be more accessible, Dubai police Lt. Saif Sultan Rashed Al Shamsi told Gulf News.

"One of the funny stories we have is that a lot of tourists and people here call the Dubai police on [the emergency number] 999 to ask about these cars," Al Shamsi told Gulf News. "They want to know which location they will be in and how they can find them and take pictures with them."

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