Wearing of Short in USA

Wearing of Short in USA

Women were only allowed to wear shorts in public after World War II.

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Certain communities in United States imposed strict clothing prohibitions. Not too long ago, in fact, lawmakers from Florida to Illinois passed regulations banning saggy pants.

But way before those sartorial strictures were implemented, American towns were cracking down on short pants. The city of Honesdale, Pa., for instance, banned the wearing of shorts in 1938, according to the Moberly Monitor-Index in Missouri. "Honesdale is a modest town, not a bathing beach," one city leader told the newspaper.

The city council of Monahans, Texas, passed an ordinance in 1944 that banned women in shorts from public streets, according to The New York Times of the day.

During the summer of 1945, women were prohibited from wearing shorts in certain Illinois municipalities — such as Decatur and Vandalia — the Associated Press reported.

In May 1959, the AP noted that the city council of Plattsburgh, N.Y., had voted to ban the wearing of shorts by anyone over 16 years old on city streets. Violators were liable to receive a $25 fine or 25 days in jail.

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