Golf On The Moon

Golf On The Moon

Golf is the only sport played on the moon. On 6 February 1971, Alan Shepard hit a golf ball.

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Alan Shepard, an astronaut from the Apollo 14 mission, who was sent to the moon with two more crew members in 1971, has tried and succeeded in batting a golf ball on the moon. We don't really know how far his ball reached. Shepard claims he saw the ball flying "many miles away", but no one could really tell how far.

Until one day in 2010, an astrophysicist named Ethan Siegel decided to calculate it.

He believes that the ball flew for 70 seconds in the air and went as far as 4,000 meters, which is 8 times the Guinness world record for golf!

No one could measure it exactly, and 4 kilometers are a lot farther than any camera can show.

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