The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea

The water in the Dead Sea is so salty that it's easier to float than sink.

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The minute your feet and legs are in the water you feel as if they are being pushed up and as you go deeper you feel your body become lighter and more buoyant. Just lay back and allow your body to float in the Dead Sea.

This is a relaxing experience, relieving you of stress and allowing your whole body to just rest. Actually, resting and floating in the Dead Sea is the only thing you can do. Because of the buoyancy, you can't swim and because of the salt, you can't dive.

The concentration of salt reaches 34%.

The extremely high concentration of dissolved mineral salts in the water causes the water to be denser than that of plain fresh water. Since our body weight is lighter (less dense) than the density of the water, our body is more buoyant in the Dead Sea, making it easy to float.

Think of it this way, in freshwater our body doesn't float at all, we actually sink. In the ocean, we start feeling buoyancy and we float a bit, in the Dead Sea the water is so dense you float easily even to the point that it's hard to stand on two feet.

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