Violin Pieces

Violin Pieces

A single violin is made from over 70 individual pieces of wood.

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The violin/fiddle is popular in many countries, cultures, and music styles. A violin is a small four-stringed instrument, played with a bow. There is no difference between violins and fiddles apart from the name. People who play folk or traditional music tend to call them fiddles, while classical musicians call them violins.

The violin is the highest-pitched member of the chordophone family of instruments. Chordophones are stringed instruments that are either plucked or played with a bow. Surprisingly, the piano is also considered to be part of this family. Other members of the chordophone family include guitars, banjos, cellos, violas, and harps. Chordophones are one of four families of instruments. The other instrument families are:

Ideophones: Percussion instruments that are struck or scraped (such as rattles, music boxes, thumb pianos, and lagerphones).

Membranophones: Skinned percussion instruments (such as drums and tambourines).

Aerophones: Blown (wind) instruments (such as flutes, trumpets, trombones, saxophones, and whistles).

Modern violins are constructed from over 70 pieces of wood.

Violin strings were originally made from the lining of the intestine of a sheep, goat, horse, or pig. Now they have a synthetic nylon core encased in steel or aluminum.

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